Zinus mattress green tea

Memory foam mattresses are heaven when it comes to comfort, especially if you want a plush soft feel. But they also come with quite a hefty price tag. We’ve come across a budget friendly memory foam mattress, the zinus green tea. For a mattress with a memory foam material, it’s very competitively priced. It might seem too good to be true. 

We would want an affordable memory foam mattress, but we are  also concerned about the comfort and quality. We don’t want to buy an affordable memory foam mattress and it’ll just end up in the beastmen or the attic. So today, we are going to review this budget friendly memory foam mattress. And we are going to focus on the 12 inch green tea mattress, which is the plushest out of the Green Tea mattress line.

About the brand

Zinus is a furniture and mattress company that makes an array of mattress types, mattress base, loveseats, and sofas. 

It’s also one of the brands that offers a more affordable memory foam mattress. And all zinus mattresses are made in China. And that also accounts for the lower price tag.  The green tea mattresses of the brands are infused with green tea and castor oil. And this can help ward off unwanted smell.

Zinus mattress brand

The structure of the bed

The Zinus Green Tea memory foam mattress consists of several layers.

The top layer is made of polyester cover. It’s quite thin and supposed to help with the breathability.  Then the next layer is composed of a 3 inch memory foam. Now, this is rather thick compared to what you can get from some brands. That is what makes up for  the ultra plush comfort.

Then comes in  next is the transition layer made of polyfoam. This layer is a bit firm and has a quicker response to pressure.  This transition layer helps your body “transition” into the 2  layers of base support. The base support measures around 3.5 inches. So all in all it has 7 inches of the base made of polyfoam. 

The base helps give the mattress its shape. And this is quite common in all out of the bed mattresses. 

How does the mattress feel

If you have gone tired of counting sheeps, may we indulge you in a plush comfort? 

So yes, we tried sleeping on the green tea mattress and it offers ultra soft and plush comfort. It’s similar to how you feel when you’re sleeping on a more expensive memory foam mattress.  

There’s also a bit of a deep sinking feeling to it. Since this memory foam mattress is built with a lot of memory foam layers, you can sink a bit deep into it. So to answer the question if it’s comfortable or not, that depends on your preference.  

Side sleepers will most likely love this type of sinking fleeing. This will prevent any formation of pressure points, particularly on the shoulders and the hips. There is also  very minimal firmness.

And if we are going to speak about bounce, this mattress has a slower motion response, so it will not have much bunce. If you are a fidgety sleeper who often tosses and turns at night, it might take awhile before you can move. The mattress kinda pulls you in.  There isn’t much bounce that will assist you to move into  a different position.. So if you are fidgety, you might get tired of this mattress. 

Also, since there isn’t much bounce, those who do not move much into the night will find this decent and quite comfortable. 

In addition, this isn’t the best bed when you’re lovemaking. Due to the lack of bounce, you and your partner might sink deep into the bed, unless you are lightweight then it can do. Otherwise, you’d need a firmer and bouncier mattress to get it on and this might not be it. 

How about the pressure

We tested the mattress with a pressure map and surprisingly, for all types of sleepers, it did fare a really nice score. For side sleepers, back sleepers,and even stomach sleepers, there is too much pressure.  So that means you won’t wake up with body aches and pains. So even if the bed is plush and soft, it can still provide you with appropriate support. 

But there’s a catch. Even if it did score well for the pressure for side sleepers, you will still sink deep into the mattress. Your hips will be pulled in and you will have a hard time getting out of the bed.  

That’s why even if it did score great for pressure relief for stomach sleeper, we still don’t recommend it for them. 

Can it isolate motion transfer

If you share a bed with someone, one of the most  important considerations when buying a mattress is if it can isolate motion transfer. We thought that a plush and softer mattress would not be able to isolate motion decently, but we were surprised with this green tea mattress. Albeit the dreamy plushness, it was still able to isolate motion well. 

So even if you wake up a couple of times you get out of bed, your partner will not be disturbed. Hence, there will be no arguing in the morning. 


  1. One of the  things we don’t like about most  memory foam mattresses is that it can be hot. This material tends to trap heat.  So if you are a sweaty sleeper, you won’t feel comfortable in this bed. You might wake up  in the  middle of the night drenched in your own sweat.  What to buy instead? We have an alternative listed in the next section of this article. . 
  2. It has  a rather slow response to pressure. So if you are changing sleeping positions throughout the night, it may take a while and d’may feel a little bit stuck in the bed. 
  3. Since you can sink deep into the bed, those who are heavier will find it uncomfortable. And they will definitely have a hard time getting out of the bed. Plus, the integrity of the mattress might be compromised since the firm layer is just the base. 


  1. This very soft mattress is suitable for side sleepers. The plush comfort will help prevent the formation of pressure points particularly on  the shoulders and hips. A firm or too firm mattress can be a nightmare for side sleepers.
  2. This mattress is not comfortable if you sleep on your tummy.. The hips will sink deep into the bed and it will be difficult to get out of bed. It would feel like there’s a force of gravity pulling you in.  This type of sleeping position warrants a firm mattress.
  3. It can still be comfortable for back sleepers. But if you are  more used to sleeping on a firmer bed, this is not for you.
  4. The brand offers a 10 day sleep trial. So this will help you decide if the mattress is for you. And the 10 year warranty period made us confident in the durability of the brand. It’s made in China so that alone raised questions in our heads. 

Alternatives to the Zinus Green Tea mattress

  • Tuff and Needle

This is perhaps one of the Zinus’s biggest competition. Like the green tea mattress, this is also an all foam out of bed  mattress. 

It has a firmer feel and support, so this is going to be more comfortable for stomach sleepers. And if you are a back sleeper and find the Green Tea mattress too soft, this is the best alternative. 

It has a medium firmness to it, but was still able to retain that soft plush feel. On the other hand, this is not going to be okay for side sleepers. 

It did not make use  of a memory foam, instead it’s manufactured with the brand’s own own patented mattress. It’s also quite responsive so if you want one with more bounce and one that has a faster reaction to pressure, look no further.You will also sleep color in this than green tea mattress. 

  • Amerisleep AS2

This memory foam mattress is more responsive compared to the Green Tea mattress.  If you find the zinus mattress too soft and sinking, you will not get stuck with the Amerisleep memory foam stress.

However, side sleepers might find it too firm. But it’s ideal for stomach sleepers and back sleepers. It can  provide a firmer  support compared to the Zinus memory foam.

And like the Zinus mattress, it can also feel hot since and not appropriate for sweaty sleepers. 

  • Zinu Ultima Comfort 6 inch foam

This is the best alternative to Zinus mattress alternative. It’s also made from memory foam,  but unlike the green tea mattress, it has a more firm sport. It’s leaning to the firmer side. So this is great for stomach sleepers and back sleepers who want more support. 

  •  Signature Sleep Memoir 12 inch mattress

It’s also  a memory foam mattress but has a more firm support. So this is best for those who sleep on their back and stomach. But it won’t provide enough cushion for side sleepers.

This mattress is also a great alternative if you weigh heavy but still want a memory foam. The Zinus can sink deep more so if you  weigh heavier.  

Stomach sleepers and backslappers will also find this the most comfortable due to the firmer support. 

  • Lucid 10 inch memory gel

If you find the Zinus green tea mattress too hot, this memory gel mattress will indulge you. It’s more breathable and feels cool on the body, so no more sweating in your sleep.   But this material was still able to retain the plush comfort that you love with the green tea mattress. Thus, it’s also great for relieving pressure points in the body. And like the ZInus mattress, it’s quite affordable for its kind.

The only downside is this mattress is really heavy. So moving it from one room to the other will be difficult. Even two people will  not be able to do it. 

Finally Say

So should you buy the green tea mattress from Zinus?  If you favor an ultra soft plush feel that’s a bit sinking, you’ll love it. But you have to make do with how hot it can get since memory foams are notorious for that. So will something as affordable as this mattress cut it? Yes it can but we advise it most for people with average weight so as not to compromise the integrity of the mattress.

Alternatingly, you can hover through our Green Tea mattress alternatives, you’re sure to find one for your specifications.