Why mattresses are so expensive

Sweet slumber is non-negotiable. And one of the keys to good sleep is a great mattress. That’s why a lot of people splurge on expensive brands. But have you ever wondered why they’re just crazy expensive? And I mean the quality ones that can make your bed feel like the ones at a 5-star hotel.

And since we don’t want to settle for something less than comfortable, let’s see why mattresses cost a lot.

Why do mattresses cost a lot?

Buying a quality mattress is not an on the spot decision. For most people, this involves careful planning of the budget. That’s why you often do a lot of research before swiping your card at the counter. 

Here are some reasons why mattresses run so high.

 Second-hand mattresses are not a thing

While people are used to buying second-hand desks or chairs, buying a second-hand mattress is non-existent. There is a relatively small percentage of the population who settle for hand me down mattresses. 

Because these items are like underwear. They are very personal as you sleep on it every night. And you might not sleep well with a latex mattress that had been slept on by people you don’t even know. And hmm, for other activities, if you know what I mean.

Limited supplier of basic materials

When the supply is low and the demand is high, the price tends to rise. And that’s the case with mattresses too. There are only a few companies that supply raw materials for high-quality products. 

Unless more suppliers would offer the same high-quality materials, then there’s a chance that prices can go down a bit. But we’re not seeing that happening soon as there are only a few players in the market.

You might not need a new one for a long time

High-quality mattresses are durable. And this can last a long time. And when I say a long time, you might be using the same mattress in 8-10 years. And if you divide the cost per day, the mattress can pay for itself. And the price per day is relatively very low. That’s why it’s considered an investment. And all investments can have a higher price upfront.

People value good sleep a lot

People buy a mattress based on how it feels. They rarely base their purchase on reviews, as there aren’t a lot of resources on the net. Of course, I’m referring to the unbiased reviews and not the sponsored ones. So people often go for the brands that feel the most comfortable. 

And expensive mattresses can feel like a dream. So people are willing to pay a bit more just to get that quality sleep. And of course, the manufacturers know that. So they don’t have any reason to lower their prices. Instead, it just balloons up as they add more innovations that promise to make your sleep better. There are the memory foam and gel beads, for instance. 

Everyone needs one

It’s an item that everyone must have in their homes. It’s selling like hotcakes and the demand is high. And remember, the supply of raw materials is quite low. That might even double the price. 

How to pick the best mattress in 2021

Since that dreamy mattress costs a lot, you have to make sure you’re making the right purchase. Here are some points to remember when buying one.

Test the mattress first

Before swiping your credit card at the counter, do the mattress test first. But how? Just like how you would at home! Just lay on it for 15-20 minutes. And you might know if it’s the right fit. Your body will tell you. 

Try out your usual sleeping position. It might be awkward to do so at the store. But believe me, a lot of people are already sleep testing before purchase. And sales experts know that it’s a crucial step in the shopping process, so you don’t have anything to be ashamed of. 

It can also help if you bring along your partner so you can test the motion transfer of the bed. If a mattress cannot stop motion transfer, it might not be a good fit for you.

Do your research

While reviews might help, you have to do your research. And while you might want to buy from known brands, try to open up your horizons a bit. What other people perceive as comfortable might not be comfortable for you. So you can do research based on what your body needs. And don’t mind people telling you which is the best brand to buy, only you can tell what it is.

Consult a chiropractor or a physician

And if you don’t know what type of mattress fits your body best, you can always visit your physician. And this is advisable if you have back or joint problems. 

Know If you have any allergies

Some mattresses can cause or exacerbate allergies. Feather and synthetic latex can do a number on you should you have allergies. So it’s best to purchase hypoallergenic ones. 

Some people can also be allergic to dust mites. And some mattresses are dust mite resistant. Thus, it pays a lot to read the labels.

Bigger is not always better

A thick plush mattress seems to be a dreamy enclave right? But bigger or thicker isn’t necessarily better. While it looks all dreamy and all. But it does not work for everyone. Instead, you have to listen to what your body tells you.

Look for a return policy

You might have tested the mattress in the store. But sometimes, you won’t really know how it feels like if you’re not going to sleep on it for a few days. That’s why you should find a mattress with a return policy. So should your body tell you otherwise, you can easily return an expensive purchase.

What really promotes good sleep

A mattress that can give you ample support and cushion can give you the best sleep. But let me dive a little bit deeper into it. How can you know if it does provide ample support for your body, especially your back?

Two words, spinal alignment. Whether you’ll sleep well on the mattress is determined by your spinal alignment. A sleeping position that can give you the same posture when you’re standing up can give you a restful sleep. And you need a mattress that can help you support that sleeping position. 

Are expensive mattresses worth it

To answer this question, you have to consider two factors- comfort and the quality of the materials. 

Comfort is subjective. While a premium 5000 dollar mattress might be comfortable for others, it might not be for you. Your body might even find a 1000 dollar mattress more comfortable. So don’t just hop into the bandwagon of premium mattresses. It has to be where your body is the most comfortable.

Two, the quality of the materials. While comfort is subjective, the durability of the mattress is not. But the thing is, high-quality materials are expensive. So a mattress made of durable raw materials will cost more. Though that’s the case, it does not mean that all expensive mattresses are made from high-quality materials. 

So to answer the question above, yes an expensive mattress is worth it. But that’s provided that they are made from high-quality materials and you feel the most comfortable with it. 

How to tell if a mattress is of high quality

Here are some telltale signs that a mattress is made of durable materials.

  • Ample Thickness

We mentioned earlier in the article that a mattress doesn’t necessarily need to be super thick. But it cannot be too thin either. A mattress with ample height can distribute your weight evenly, so that lessens pressure points. 

So how thick should your mattress be? Memory or latex should be between 10 and 12 inches while an innerspring mattress can go between 12 and 14 inches. 

  • Weight and density

Light mattresses are often made of low-density materials. These lightweight materials are often synthetic and won’t be able to provide enough support for your body. So it must have a substantial weight. Alternatively, it should also be labeled as high-density memory foam or natural latex. But since labels can sometimes be misleading and some brands can be deceiving, try lifting the mattress to see if it has some heft to it. 

  • Cover

High-quality mattresses often have a breathable cover. Apart from support and cushion, breathability is also one factor you should consider. That’s why most of the high-quality mattresses are breathable and encourage better ventilation. So if a cover feels too warm to touch, it can be made from cheap materials.

Final thought

High-quality mattresses can be quite expensive. But you have to ensure it’s the real deal. So don’t quickly believe salesperson, sponsored reviews on the net, or YouTube. You’re the only one who can tell what mattress is the most comfortable for you. And of course, don’t forget to take note of some of my recommendations above.