Mattresses in a box are quite popular. And when you say mattress in a box, one of the brands that would always come into mind is Casper mattresses.

These mattresses are often of great value and allow for easy storage and transit. Today Matressly will make a quick review at this amazing mattress. Let’s take a look at what makes Casper one of the most popular mattresses.

Casper Mattress review

About the brand

Casper has been manufacturing pillows, mattresses, and other sleep essentials since 2014. Casper mattresses belong to the higher tier mattresses. And albeit its expensive price tag, consumers still purchase these expensive mattresses for its quality and the comfort that it provides. And the brand also offers an affordable choice, unknown to many. 

The brand manufacturers both all-foam and hybrid mattresses. Comfort may be subjective, so the more options there are the more they can keep their clients happy and sleeping soundly. 

Though other brands also manufacture mattresses in a box, Casper is one of the most prominent and popular choices by consumers. So let’s see why.

Let’s review three popular mattresses from the Casper mattress line – the Original Casper. element, Hybrid Wave, and Hybrid Nova mattress

Original Casper Mattress

This 11 inches all-foam mattress has been a favorite of many. Though the brand kept on innovating and improving their craft, most consumers still prefer the Original Casper mattress.

In terms of comfort, the original Casper mattress is somewhere in between. It does provide that lovely plush but without the feeling of sinking in. And it provides great support and firmness for both your back and shoulders. 

It doesn’t give any painful sensation on the back and I felt really supported. Though I favor more plush mattresses, this mattress does have a decent plush. So you would still feel like you’re sleeping on clouds without drowning in it. It gives off a balanced foam feel not too plush nor too firm. It just hits the sweet spot for a dreamy retreat.

One of the advantages of the Casper Original is that it’s quite versatile. It can provide comfort and support to all types of sleeping positions. 

My only qualms were it felt a bit too hot for me. But the brand has rebranded this mattress. It is originally known as the Casper mattress. And the rebranded Casper Original mattress feels colder and also has an oven made from recycled materials. 

But if you want a more plush feeling of sleeping on clouds, the Wave Hybrid mattress is a great alternative. It’s also a great choice if you find the Casper original a bit hot. The Wave can ensure a cooler sleep.

But those hot sleepers may still find the mattress a bit too warm, especially in the hotter season. And this mattress might not be comfortable for those who are too heavy. Heavy stomach sleepers might need more hip support. And Wave may not offer a ton of it.

Another great alternative for those heavy sleepers is the Helix Plus It’s great for heavy back or stomach sleepers. And this heavyweight mattress will cost 725 dollars. Though it lacks that plush feels that the Casper original can provide, it’s a heavy-duty one that can support heavy people. 

Hybrid Wave Casper

This mattress is a combination of a plush top layer and coils at the bottom. So you can expect firm base support plus a more plush top compared to the Casper Original mattress. Though this particular mattress can cost a bit more than the Original, it’s a perfect option for a more luxurious and color sleep.

In terms of zoned movement, it provides a more balanced feel than the Original. So it’s okay to toss and turn at night. And it also provides good support for backslappers. Average weight side sleepers will get great sleep and adequate shoulder support. And the plush top cradles their spine of a more comfortable snooze.

The Hybrid Wave feels plusher than the Original. But don’t expect it to give a memory foam kind of feel, the one that hugs your entire body as you slumber. That’s why the Wave can provide adequate support for the spine and back for side and back sleepers. 

Though the support might not be enough for those heavy stomach sleepers. They might need more support under their hips. And if you’re looking for a memory foam mattress that envelops you in a cloud, you might find it too firm. 

Overall, the Casper Hybrid Wave has a medium firmness with a plush layer. If you are a bit heavy, you’ll find it a bit firm. But for those who are lightweight or have an average weight, it can be soft and plushy. And side sleepers often find it plusher.

And if you’re looking for more support for those who are heavy stomach sleepers. The Original Bear mattress can give you the needed support on the hips. Sleeping on your stomach is the most unhealthy of all. Without a suitable mattress, it can lead to a lot of neck pain, especially if you’re heavy.,

Casper Element

If you’re looking for a more affordable Casper mattress, the Casper Element fits the bill. It’s actually an upgraded version of the Casper Essential. The queen size Casper Element costs less than 600 dollars, so it’s also a popular pick for those on a budget.

The Element is an all-foam mattress and it has several features that you’d be happy with. First, it has a great isolation motion. So it’s also a perfect fit for couples who are on a budget. Disrupted sleep can end in an untimely quarrel. So a mattress that can give you both a restful sleep at a great price is a steal.

I also like how cool it felt. Unlike other foam mattresses, it has an aerated layer of poly foam. So you won’t get drenched in your sweat while sleeping. It also provides adequate support for good spinal alignments. And it also relieves pressure. I find the Element mattress gearing towards the firmer side.

If you want a bouncy feel and a bit of plush, you can opt for the Hybrid Wave or Hybrid Nova instead. These two Hybrid Casper mattresses offer a plush top layer under a firm base. So if you want a bit of bounce, these two are great options. Though they will cost a bit more. More buck for the ounce, that is.

And the downside of the Element is that it might not be that comfortable for those who weigh over 230 pounds. The Hybrid Casper mattresses are also great alternatives for heavier people. Another great option for the big sleepers is the Big Bear mattress and the Wink Bed Plus. Just be ready to shell out a bit more moolah.

Hybrid Nova

The Hybrid Nova essentially consists of multiple layers, 2 poly foam layers, and a transitional memory foam layer. It also has two layers of Airscape foam. And I think this is one of the biggest advantages of the Hybrid Nova

These two layers of Airscape foam ensures great motion isolation. Out of the four I have reviewed, this is the best Casper mattress for couples. This Airscape foam absorbs motion and reduces movement. And in this department, the Hybrid Nova performed better than the Original, Element and Hybrid Wave.

This Airscape foam also provides great cushioning and contouring around the legs, hips, and shoulders. So it can give you a plush feel but won’t you won’t sink in. It’s also perfect for side sleepers. It’s plusher and can cradle your shoulders and hips.

In terms of the price, the Nova is at a mid-range tier. It’s less expensive than the Wave but more expensive than the Element. And it also sits at the mid-range tier when compared to other brands of mattresses in the market. 

I personally like the plush feel of the Hybrid Nova. The Combination of a top plush cover and firm support provides great support for back and side sleepers. 

The Hybrid Casper Mattress is a better alternative for those who weigh heavier and are looking for a bit of bounce. But you might feel a deep sinking feeling if you weigh over 230 pounds. Back Sleepers who weigh under 130 pounds will also find it comfortable. But heavier back sleepers have a better sleep with the Casper Original and Element.


Casper mattresses are the best in the box mattress in the market today. And its line of mattresses offers a firm option and a more plush one. So you’re sure to find one that fits your sleeping needs. And in terms of budget, Casper also caters to both affordable and premium mattresses.