California King Bed: Pros, Cons & Dimensions

Pros Cons
Spacious for tall individuals Limited availability of bedding and accessories specifically for this size
Ideal for couples who desire extra space Space constraints in smaller rooms
Accommodation for larger bedrooms Potentially higher costs for bedding and mattresses
A variety of design options are available Difficulty in finding compatible furniture pieces

What is a California King Bed?

A California King bed is like the limousine of beds – it’s longer and narrower than your regular King bed, offering more legroom for those who are vertically gifted. Originating in the Golden State (hence the name), these beds have made their way into bedrooms across the country and beyond.

Pros of California King Beds

Whether you’re tall and tired of your feet hanging off the edge or you and your partner want to luxuriate in a sea of comfort, a California King bed has got you covered. Plus, they can turn any bedroom into a lavish oasis with their wide array of design options.

Key Takeaway: California King beds offer luxurious space, ideal for tall individuals or couples craving extra room.

Cons of California King Beds

Of course, with great size comes a few challenges. For starters, finding the perfect bedding and accessories tailored to this size might require a bit more hunting than usual. And if your bedroom is on the cozy side, a California King bed might feel like trying to fit a whale into a fish tank. Oh, and don’t forget about the potential dent in your wallet for those fancy mattresses and linens!

Dimensions of a California King Bed

Now, let’s talk numbers. A California King bed typically measures 72 inches wide and a whopping 84 inches long. That’s four inches narrower than a standard King bed but four inches longer! So, if you’re constantly battling for leg space or you’re tired of feeling like a giant in a tiny bed, this might just be the perfect fit for you.

Key Takeaway: Before investing in a California King bed, consider factors like bedroom size, budget, and compatibility with existing furniture to ensure the perfect fit for your needs.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a California King Bed

Firstly, make sure your bedroom can accommodate this behemoth without turning into a cluttered mess. And let’s not forget about the budget – those fancy mattresses and custom linens can add up quickly. Oh, and don’t overlook the compatibility with your existing furniture and, of course, your personal preference for bed size and comfort.

Types of California King Beds

Not all California King beds are created equal. You’ve got your traditional ones, your split ones for those who can’t agree on mattress firmness and even platform or canopy versions for a touch of elegance. It’s like choosing between a sedan, an SUV, or a convertible – there’s something for everyone!

Tips for Choosing the Right California King Bed

When it comes to picking the perfect California King bed, there’s more to consider than just size. Think about the type of mattress that suits your sleeping style, the support system to keep your spine happy, and the bedding that’ll make you feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud. It’s all about creating your own little slice of paradise.

Maintenance and Care Tips for California King Beds

Regular vacuuming and cleaning can keep your mattress fresh and dust-free while rotating it every few months ensures even wear and tear. And don’t forget to protect it from spills and stains with a trusty mattress cover. Your back will thank you!

Decorating Ideas for California King Bedrooms

Transform your bedroom into a royal sanctuary with a California King bed. Mix furniture, colors, and textures to create your perfect minimalist or bohemian paradise.


Before deciding on a California King bed for a lavish and roomy sleeping experience, it’s important to weigh up the advantages and disadvantages.


Is a standard king bed smaller than a California king bed?

A California King bed is longer but narrower than a regular King bed. The former measures 72 inches wide and 84 inches long, while the latter is 76 inches wide and 80 inches long.

Can I use standard King-size bedding for a California King bed?

No, standard King-size bedding will not fit a California King bed properly. Due to the difference in dimensions, using standard King-size bedding will result in an ill-fitting and unsightly appearance. It’s essential to purchase bedding specifically designed for a California King bed to ensure a proper fit and aesthetic appeal.

How do I know if a California King bed will fit in my bedroom?

Measure your bedroom space before buying a California King bed. Consider door and window placement, furniture, and clearance to avoid crowding the room.

Here’s a resource list of places where you can buy a California king bed in the USA:

  • Amazon:
  • Walmart:
  • Warehouse Direct USA:
  • Wayfair:
  • Bed Bath & Beyond:

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