Best affordable mattresses for a heavy person under $2000

If you’re a bit on the heavy side, you’re very aware that it’s quite hard to find the perfect mattress that can fulfill your sleeping needs. Regular mattresses can easily sag and compress a lot. And they’re just plain uncomfortable. Whichever is, it won’t give you a good night’s sleep. 


And getting a king-size mattress if you weigh more than 200 lbs can actually put a dent in our wallet. But you don’t want to compromise your sleep quality right? Lucky for you, I am rounding up 5 of the best affordable mattresses for a heavy person. And they’re priced at less than $2000!

So park your thoughts here and you might just find the perfect mattress that can give you that blissful slumber.

Helix Plus ( $1440)

 Feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud with the memory foam of Helix Plus. 

Helix Plus is one of the 9 customized mattresses of the brand. Helix is one of the few brands that make use of their customer’s data to create a mattress that can address their sleeping needs. 

What makes this mattress worth your money? With its price range of below 2000 dollars, it’s one of the affordable yet posh-looking mattresses that you can find. You can already feel a decent quality from the polyester covering. It’s white and looks pristine and clean. 

The fabric is breathable in itself. But you still have an option to upgrade it to a cooler covering material.

And it has several layers that make it more supportive for heavy people. It comprises a base layer, a transition, a memory foam, and the brand’s dynamic foam. The memory foam adds to the cool sensation. And the Helix dynamic foam lends that nice bounce. And oh, it measures 12 inches so it can indeed provide a comfortable sleep for the tall and heavy.

What’s the best deal about the Helix plus? It features several cooling elements that can make your sleep more comfortable.  


  • You have an option to upgrade the cover and mattress to a more luxurious material
  • The cover looks clean and fresh
  • The memory foam feels cool. It’s perfect for sweaty sleepers
  • The mattress does not compress easily


  • The polyester cover can’t be changed

Winkbed plus ( $1799)

Winkbed plus is the best mattress for heavyweight back sleepers. It can keep your spine aligned overnight. So you wake up feeling refreshed with no back aches or pains.

One of the factors to look for a supportive mattress is that it has to have the right firmness. It shouldn’t be too soft that you just sink right into it. Though it’s nice to lie in a bed of soft clouds, when backache is a concern, you’d rather not. With the right amount of firmness, the mattress helps support the shape of your spine. 

It has 4 layers and constructed with a combination of coils and foams for the added support. Anyone weighing over 300 lbs would find this mattress comfortable. It feels quite bouncy too and will instantly lift you as soon as you arise from the bed. 

Careful thoughts were taken in constructing the entire mattress. It’s made to support the back and relieve pressure points. The quilted cover material can also support the hollow part of your lumbar.

It also has a very comfortable pillow top. This prevents sagging and compression. And of course, it adds a luxurious touch and feel to the mattress.

Why should you buy the Winkbed Plus? If you are looking for the perfect mattress to support your spine, this mattress will be such a treat for your back. It combines the perfect balance of comfort and support.


  • Has a right firmness that can support proper spine alignment
  • The quilted cover also lends support to your lower back
  • Perfect for back and stomach sleepers
  • Quite easy and comfortable to switch sleeping positions


  • Not that comfortable for side sleepers

Bear Hybrid ($1690)

If you’re sleeping on your side, you’d need a mattress that is both firm but has a significant plushness so you can sink into the bed comfortably.

What I love about the Bear Hybrid is that it can keep the pressure off your shoulder. Your shoulder is often compromised when you’re sleeping on your side. It’s made with coils and foam, but the foam has more plushness to it. 

It also has a nice bouncy feel to it. So it’s still easy to get off the bed and you wouldn’t get stuck in it. You can also comfortably change your sleeping position at night. 

The five layers of high-density foam, memory bead, coils, and latex help relieve pressure points from your body so you wake up without any body aches and pains.

It’s also one cool mattress. It has a celliant cover and the foam is infused with memory gel beads that are perfect for the summer season or if you just tend to sweat a lot when sleeping.  

What’s so great about it? It’s a medium-firm mattress that can provide enough plushness and support for side sleepers. And oh, it lends a cool sensation too, all thanks to the memory gel beads!


  • The top layers feel luxuriously soft
  • Feel cool and highly breathable
  • Can provide a blissful retreat for side sleepers
  • The mattress can conform to the contours of your body. It’s also quite relaxing for back sleepers.
  • Offers 20-year warranty and 100-day risk-free trial
  • Made of eco-friendly materials and free from VCOsa and any hazardous emissions
  • Has supportive edges


  • Stomach sleepers might find it too plush

Titan ($1249)

Sleeping beside someone who moves a lot and is quite heavy at the same time can have its challenges. It can rob you of a good night’s sleep since there’ll be more bouncy movement in there.

What I love about the Titan is that it can lend a blissful slumber to both the heavy person and his companion. So let’s look into it one by one.

The Titan has a combination of coils and foams. It’s one of the same features the Titan shares with other hybrid mattresses. The hybrid foam is an important feature that makes the mattress supportive enough for those who weigh over 200 lbs. It can give nice support for the entire body and has that nice bounce that lets you get off the bed easily.

Now what sets the TItan apart is the motion isolation. You will surely love this feature, especially if you’ve been having sleepless nights when your partner is tossing and turning throughout the night. It’s made with hundreds of coils that help isolate the motion. 

Wrapping it up, the Titan can provide firm support and offers motion isolation too. So if you weigh more than 200 lbs and tend to move a lot during your sleep, you’d want to get this for both you and your loved one. 

Also, it’s one of the most affordable mattresses on our list. 


  • Has motion isolation features
  • Features a firm support 
  • Has a nice bounce to it
  • A perfect choice for back and stomach sleepers


  • May be too firm for side sleepers

BIG FIG ($1999)

Along with Titan, the BigFIg is also one of the firmer mattresses on our list.

It is made with high-density foam, memory gel beads, supportive coils, and latex material. It can provide medium to heavy firmness that’s perfect for stomach sleepers. When you’re sleeping on your stomach, you would want ample support for the area under your hips. Otherwise, the foam at the center will easily sag.

And the result is a nasty lower back strain. The BIG FIG is a very supportive mattress that can keep your hips from sinking into the foam. And since it’s infused with memory gel, it’s also ideal for those who sweat in their sleep. So you wouldn’t wake in the morning all drenched. 

Since this type of mattress requires a stable and durable foundation, if you don’t have one yet, you can purchase it for an additional 100 dollars.

So the best deal? Big Fig could be one of the most durable and affordable mattresses for heavy individuals that you can buy online. 


  • Perfect for all stomach and back sleepers
  • Allows for natural airflow
  • Has a medium to heavy firmness
  • Feels cool to sleep on
  • Can support a pair that weighs 500 lbs each
  • Highly durable
  • Offers 20 years warranty and 100-day risk- free trial


  • Might be too firm for side sleepers
  • It requires a special and durable foundation. If you don’t have it yet, you can purchase it separately


 Our list of the best mattresses for a heavy person priced under 2000 dollars will make you look forward to slumbering. I hope you found the best mattress to help you get those sweet dreams every night!