Valuable Tips To Ensure Better Sleep

There ae several factors that can interfere with a good night sleep. Some of them can’t be easily controlled. These include, challenging family responsibilities, pressure at work, layoffs, loss of a loved one, relationship issues, certain medical conditions or illness and many more.

Yet, better sleep is always recommended when one is worn out and feeling crabby. The following controllable factors can however, be worked on for quality sleep not to be elusive.

Sleeping schedule

One needs to have a fixed time of retiring to bed and waking up. This should be the case daily even if it’s weekend, day off and holidays. Such consistency helps your body to stick to sleep-wake cycle and promotes better night sleep.

However, should you fail to sleep within fifteen minutes, it’s advisable to look for something constructive to do then try again later. This shouldn’t be office work as it’s advisable to create a barrier between work and sleep.

Food and drinks

Take a meal earlier enough so that you don’t go to bed stuffed. Likewise, don’t go to bed hungry. The above are known sleep killers.

Also try and limit the quantity of what you drink before bed times. This is so that, it doesn’t make you have unending toilet trips thus, disrupting your sleep.

Caffeine, nicotine and alcohol must be avoided as they have a way of keeping you awake. Both nicotine and caffeine are strong stimulants which can take several hours to wear off and seriously interrupt what could have been a good night sleep.

Bedtime Ritual

Train your body of same activities each night before sleep. This can be reading a book, listening to soothing music or taking a warm bath.

These are relaxing activities which promotes good sleep. Be warned, TV and electronic devices interfere with sleep and should be kept out of the bedroom.


This is creating and ensuring that your bedroom is comfortable enough for sleeping. Keep pets, TV, Computers and snoring partner out of your bedroom. Also make the sleeping environment conducive by ensuring that it’s dark, quiet and cool to sleep.


Ensure you have right beddings as these contribute immensely to better sleep. One needs to choose what is comfortable as the features of good beddings are strictly subjective.

Should you be sharing your bed, ensure that there is enough space for both of you.

Limit day time naps

Extended daytime naps interfere with nighttime sleep. This is worst if you’re struggling with poor sleep quality at night. If you have to, take a short nap during the day of about 10 to 20 minutes in the mid afternoon.

Physical Activity

Regular physical activities if done earlier in the day, promotes better sleep by enabling one to fall asleep fast and to enjoy deep sleep.

In conclusion, lack of better sleep doesn’t spell doom to an individual. The above tips have been helpful to many and has enable them to stop tossing and turning over every night.

Should they not work out for you, then it will be advisable to make an appointment with a medical doctor. The doctor should be in a position to diagnose the real problem and administer working prescription. Also one is warned to keep over the counter medication.