Serta air health and wellness executive office chair

Serta makes some of the more plush and comfortable executive chairs in the market And that’s at a quite reasonable price. So if you’ll ask us which is more plush, the Air Lumbar Support or the Air Health and Wellness executive chair, it will be difficult to answer right away! Which is more supportive for the back? We’ll find out!

So we did spend some time pitting these two plush Serta executive office chairs against each other. And here is what we found out.

Overall look and appearance

Our first impression of the health and wellness chair is just wow. Typically, the brand doesn’t always focus on the style and the aesthetics of their chairs. If you have come across several Serta executive chairs, they do not look stylish. The air lumbar chair with bonded leather is not a sight for eyesore. It looks plain, basic, and more like an old man’s chair right?

Serta air health and wellness executive office chair
Serta air health and wellness executive office chair – image source: Walmart

But the overall appearance of the health and wellness Serta chair is a different story. This is perhaps one of the few Serta chairs that impressed us with its style and aesthetics. The look is more modern, hip, and fun. It has a two-tone grayish silver color and a sleeker design. Compared to the air lumbar support Sert with one dark color with a slightly bulky appearance, this chair is a head-turner.

You also have more color options when it comes to the health and wellness chair. So the aesthetic of this chair can appeal even to the younger generation. That’s not the millennials though haha. The chair might even appeal to the working Gen Z.

Ergonomics and adjustability

Both Serta chairs have several ergonomic features that your back will find such a delight. The seat height can be changed, they can tilt to a certain degree, both swivel to 360, and they also have lumbar support. But there are also differences, and some are quite noticeable ones.

One of the differences in the armrests. The arms of the health and wellness Serta are fixed. It’s stationary and you don’t have any option to change the height nor stow it away if you find the chair narrow. But in terms of the design, the armrests feature an eye-catching sculpted design. And like the Serta air lumbar support, it is also comfortable and padded.

The Serta air lumbar, on the other hand, has flip-up arms. Though the arms look more basic, they’re also thickly padded. Moreover, you have an option to pull it up if you need more room. So you have to choose between stylish armrests or the option to have the arms pulled up. If you are thicker around the waist, the flip-up arms will be a better option.

The second difference is the type of lumbar support. Both Serta chairs do have layers of memory foam. And this is the selling point of all Serta executive office chairs. This is one of the factors that makes them uber comfortable. But the chairs have a different type of lumbar support.

The Serta health and wellness chair features pivoting lumbar support. So the lumbar support can follow the normal movement of your spine. And we find this quite supportive. It kind of helps your back achieve proper posture even when you are reaching for some things on the other table. 

The lumbar support of the Serta air lumbar, on the other hand, features a pocket-like enclave. And this is where you can insert the memory foam padding. So you have the option to also use it without. 

Which lumbar support is better? We are quite in the middle of a quandary here. We find both rather comfortable on the back. But if you’re looking for more support, we find that Serta’s health and wellness will have more advantages. But both chairs do offer plush comfort for your butt and back. 


Bluntly put, both chairs are very comfortable. We love the layers of memory foam the air lumbar support chair has. It feels plush and cradling in the back and the butt. The health and wellness chair is also very promising. It has layers of ergonomic pillows strategically placed within the chair. So this is very comfortable too.

But with the addition of pivoting lumbar support, the health and wellness Serta may be able to move more with you. It’s ahh, let us say, more ergonomic than the air lumbar support executive chair.

What we don’t like about the Serta health and wellness chair

And off to the not-so-good bits. Here are the things that we are not loving about the chair. We’ll also mention some of its limitations.

  1. This Serta executive chair does feature a high backrest. So it will be able to accommodate those who are taller compared to the Serta air lumbar support chair. But the thing is, the headrest is a bit too tough. It’s such a shame because the entire chair is all about soft plushness and ergonomic support. Bluntly put, the headrest is not comfortable.
  2. If you are petite or stand below 5 feet, you may find your feet dangling from the chair. This Serta chair is more suitable for average size to taller users. And petite users will also find the headrest too high even on the lowest setting. 
  3. The armrests have a nifty design. But it has a limitation. It is stationary so it’s the least ergonomic part of the chair. And also, we noticed that the paint scratches easily. 

What we don’t like about the Serta air lumbar support  executive chair

These are what could have been better. And we will be also mentioning the limitations of the chair

  1. The chair is well made but it can seem quite boring. You also don’t have many color options. 
  2. The air lumbar support chair is not a tall and heavy chair. The backrest may not be high enough to support the full-back of a tall person. IF you want to find more comfortable office chair for long hours of sitting for a tall person, try to read this list from


  1. Both chairs are plush comfort because of the memory foam layers. But the lumbar support of the Serta health and wellness is more ergonomic and more supportive.
  2. Both executive chairs are made of bonded leather materials. We find this more durable compared to the pleatherette material used by executive chairs of the same price range.
  3. If you are taller and heavier, the Serta health and wellness is a better option. It has a 250 lbs capacity, which is slightly higher than the 225 lbs capacity of the air lumbar support chair. And the backrest is also a bit higher.
  4. Both Serta executive chairs are quite ways to put together. Even a single person will be able to install it in under 20 minutes.
  5. Both chairs are quite breathable. Despite the bonded leather material, our backs didn’t sweat. The air lumbar support chair has a perforated backrest that allows for the exchange of air for adequate ventilation. And the Serta health and wellness chair has a mesh material covering the backrest. So this can make it a bit cooler compared to its contemporaries. 
  6. Both the chairs are deeply and thickly padded. And the padding is strategically located in the entire chair. So it is heaven for your bums. There will be no pain or numbing sensation even if you are sitting on the chair for the entire day. The backrest is also plush comfort, you just have to choose which type of back support is more suitable.
  7. We find these two executive chairs sufficiently durable. And the Serta health and wellness is made from composite plastic material but it is very sturdy. We did not feel that the chair would give away when we tilt it. It also does not make any creaking sound. The air lumbar support chair is also solid and stable. So in terms of durability, you can’t go wrong with any of these two executive chairs. 
  8. In terms of aesthetics, it’s a clear win for Serta’s health and wellness. It looks more upgraded, more modern, and hip. And you also have several color options. The Serta air lumbar support, on the other hand, also looks professional but seems old school. 

Final Say

So which has better back support? Clearly the Serta health and wellness chair has a more supportive and pro active lumbar support. But in terms of comfort, it can be any of the two depending on your preference. Go for  the health and wellness executive chair if you need a chair that can move with you. Otherwise, the removable air lumbar support will do