Purple Mattresses review

Purple mattress is an innovative mattress that can give you a different level of comfort. And this mattress also belongs to luxury mattresses aka higher price. 

But is it worth the moolah? Let’s see what the Purple mattress is best for so you can decide if it’s perfect for your sleeping needs. 

About The Brand – Purple Mattresses

Purple is a brand that specializes in sleeping essentials. The brand manufactures mattresses, pillows, cushions, and platform bases among others. 

Before venturing into the sleeping essential arena, the brand was known to manufacture sporting goods in 1989. And they started to venture into hyper-elastic polymers the following year. These were used in manufacturing toys, medical, devices, and shoes.

It was in the year 2013 when Purple ventured into the mattress business. The brand was able to produce a patented machine that was able to produce mattresses from polymers. And this is where the brand started to focus on manufacturing quality sleeping essentials.

What sets Purple mattresses from the rest?

Purple has a very distinct difference from other mattresses brands. The brand makes use of hyper-elastic polymers. This material feels different from your usual mattress. 

The hyper-elastic polymer is a strong yet soft material. And one of the main advantages of the Purple mattress is that it’s great in relieving pressure points. Let’s review some of the brand’s unique mattresses

The Original Purple Mattress

The original purple mattress consists of three layers- a hyper-elastic polymer layer, a comfort foam layer, and a support foam. The feel is quite different since it doesn’t make use of an all-foam or a memory foam. But it does have its advantages.

Plush plus firm comfort

I find that you can enjoy the best of both worlds with the Original Purple mattress. It’s a combination of plush plus firm comfort. That’s why it’s ideal for combo sleepers. And you’re sure to find a sweet sleeping position.

I still felt that the mattress was hugging me in all the right places. It can give you a decent plush. And for those who don’t want a mattress that sinks too deep, this is a great buy. And the grid on the foam allows for better air circulation. It feels cool and comfortable even in humid and hot regions. 

But if you want the feel all foam mattress, the Casper mattress is a great option. The Saatva mattress is also another great choice. It has almost the same price as the Purple mattress.

The Original Purple Mattress

Price points

In terms of the price range, the original Purple mattress may cost more than other all-foam or memory foam mattresses. It’s innovative so you can expect quality sleep. But of course, the more innovative it is the higher the price tag. The original Purple mattress is the most affordable out of the brand’s line of mattresses.

The upgraded or the hybrid Purple mattresses have additional features that make up for the additional cost.

Breathable cover

The cover itself is soft and breathable. But the downside is, it can’t be machine washed. You need to spot clean it with detergent if it gets soiled. Another option to protect your mattress is to buy a mattress protector that’s machine washable. 

Who is it best for and who shouldn’t use it

The original Purple mattress is best for all back sleepers and stomach sleepers. It also provides great support for heavy side sleepers. Though light side sleepers might not appreciate the mattress that much.

If a side sleeper is too light, he might not be able to feel the pressure point relief. And if you want the memory foam feel or the sinking in the bed feel, you won’t be that happy with his mattress.

And if you’re looking for a cooler mattress solution, this is one of the perfect options. The purple grids allow for better circulation. It gives almost the same cooling factor as a Plushbeds Cool Bliss or the Eight Sleep Pod, the latter just costs a bit more.

The Purple Hybrid mattress 2

The hybrid mattress contours the body more, therefore providing better support. And you also get to enjoy the advantages of an all-foam and a spring mattress. It has more bounce and a more responsive foam material compared to the Purple Original.

A more breathable cover

The upgraded version is of course a notch higher than the original one. With the updated Purple mattress, the cover is softer and it’s made of a different material- SoftFlex. One advantage of this cover over the older version is that it’s softer and more breathable. So if you find the old Purple mattress a bit hot, this is a great alternative. 

Perfect for combo sleepers

The upgraded Purple mattress is soft, but its firm comfort layer prevents your body from sinking into the bed. Thus, it’s fairly easy to move or change sleeping positions. 

Overall, the Purple upgraded mattress has an average firmness. But what makes it different is that though it’s on the firmer side, the poly density foam material is still quite bouncy. So it works fairly well for solid back sleepers and stomach sleepers. And can be comfortable for combo sleepers too.  

It’s a bit soft and more responsive. There is a more bounce compared to the original Purple mattress. So this is best for combo sleepers or those who shift from one sleeping position to the other. It combines both a plush comfort for side sleepers plus firm support for back sleepers.

Compared to the Purple original, the Purple hybrid is great for lightweight or medium weight solid side sleepers. But since the foam is more responsive and firmer, it might not be that comfortable for solid heavy side sleepers. You might feel a bit of pressure on your shoulders. So you might need a mattress that will help you sink in a bit more so that it cradles your hips and shoulders. A great alternative for solid side sleepers is Winkbeds Memory Lux and Layla Mattress.

And heavy stomach sleepers might find the support a bit lacking. Other options for heavy stomach sleepers are the Helix and WinkBed Plus mattress. But of course, these heavy-duty mattresses come with an added cost for the extra support.

A great option for couples

The high-density foam is a material known to isolate motion. The upgraded Purple mattress can effectively isolate motion. So it’s a great option for couples. 

Purple Hybrid Premier 3 

As the name suggests, this upgraded Purple mattress features three inches of the purple grid. It has some advantages over the original Purple. One, it provides better motion isolation. So it’s a relatively great option for couples who want to sleep better at night. So even if your partner is tossing and turning, you won’t wake up from your sweet slumber. 

And two, it features more coils so it can provide better support.

Purple Hybrid Premier 4 

The 4-inch piper hybrid premier is perhaps the softest in all the purple mattress. It has a more plush feel. And if you want a more sinking into the bed feeling, this is the Purple mattress for you. And this is the Purple mattress that’s perfect for solid sides sleepers. The extra thick layer of polymer foam hugs and cradles your body, so you’ll feel like you’re sleeping in clouds.

This upgraded hybrid people mattress can also give you the feeling of weightlessness. It’s the plushest, and of course, the most expensive one out of the bunch. 

And in terms of popularity and plushness, it is as popular as Winkbed. Though Winkbed has a special mattress designed for the plus-sized, the Wink Bed Plus.

Final thoughts

Purple mattresses are one of the most unique in the market. It may be the only one that makes use of a different kind of material. It fits those who are combo sleepers and looking for a different type of comfort. 

The Purple Hybrid mattresses share almost the same features and benefits. The hybrid Purple comes with an additional cost so it’s more bouncy and you can choose from three options (2,3 and 4). And Purple mattresses are durable and fit those who are looking for a long term investment.