Zinus Mattress review best

Zinus mattresses are quite popular due to their decent price tag. And the brand features a line of mattresses with different features and comfort levels. So it’s nice to see a brand that can cater to almost all types of sleepers. 

I am going to list down my top 4 picks. These models have varying levels of comfort, so you can choose one that fits your sleeping needs. 

About the brand

Zinus mattresses come in 4 different thickness ( 6,8,10, and 12 inches) and 4 varying firmness levels ( firm, medium-firm, medium-soft to soft). 

The level of the plushness of the mattress also depends on how thick it is. The more layers the mattress has, the thicker it is. And the plusher it becomes. This brand is perhaps one of the few that offers varying levels of comfort. 

Best Zinus Mattress Review – Top 5 picks

ZinusUltra Plush memory foam mattress 12 inch

To start, this line of memory foam mattresses of the brand is infused with green tea. Zinus is perhaps one of the very few brands that have this innovation. 

Green tea has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that can also ward off an unpleasant smell. And it can help keep the mattress fresher. And when you scour the net for mattress brands infused with green tea, you’ll mostly see Zinus mattresses.

Now, if you love the plush softness, you’ll be delighted with this mattress It has several layers of memory foam that’s why it’s ultra-plush. You can sink deeper into the bed too. So it’s not for you if you want something that’s a little more firm, because this mattress is plush and soft. The level of support is just about half of what a medium-firm mattress can give. 

As for the motion transfer, it can isolate motion quite impressively. It has a thick layer of memory foam and that did well to isolate the motion. So it’s also great for those who have a sleeping partner.

ZinusUltra Plush memory foam mattress

Who will love this 

This type of plushness is great for those who sleep on their side. The ultra-plush helps you relieve the formation of pressure points. So it’s a 9.5 for me if you’re a side sleeper. It can also feel comfortable for some back sleepers. Surprisingly, even though it’s plush soft, you’ll still feel comfortable sleeping on your back. 

Who won’t love it

Since it has a lot of memory foam layers and you can sink deep into the mattress, it can feel hot. It’s not suitable for sweaty sleepers.

For stomach sleepers, you might feel that the support is a bit lacking. And if you’re heavier, you’ll sink deeper into the mattress. So you might also have a hard time getting out of bed in the morning. 

Best alternative 

Tuff & Needle all-foam mattresses use a brand-specific mattress. It offers more firm support perfect for stomach sleepers. And when compared to memory foam, Tuff & Needle allows for more air circulation so you stay cooler while you sleep.

The 8 and 10-inch Zinus memory foam mattress has fewer layers of memory foam so it is a bit firmer compared to the 12-inch mattress. These can be great options if you find the 12-inch mattress too soft. 

Zinus Gel memory foam 10-inch 

This mattress has the same memory foam layers infused with green tea. But this is a better alternative for those who sweat a lot in their sleep, the memory foam is infused with cooling gel.  

My first impression of this mattress is if it feels like a firm marshmallow. It’s soft, plush and I can already tell that it’s cooler than other memory foam mattresses of the brand.

It’s almost similar to the green tea memory foam mattress, except for that cooling gel top layer. And It has a little more bounce to it compared to the ultra-plush memory foam. So it will also be a little bit firmer. 

Motion transfer is decent So it won’t disturb your partner even if you keep on tossing and turning at night. 

Who will love this 

This gel-infused mattress feels great on the back. So if you have back pain and back problems, you’ll appreciate this. You‘ll be able to sleep straight for 8 hours. If you tend to get up from your old bed because your back feels sore, you won’t anymore.

So this 10-inch model offers decent spinal support for back sleepers and stomach sleepers. 

Who won’t love it

Side sleepers will find this 10-inch model lacking plushness. Even though it’s still soft. You won’t be able to sink into it. And if you’re looking for more plushness, you might want to try the thicker models of this mattress.

Hot and sweaty sleepers will also love this.


For side sleepers, the 12-inch or 14-inch mattress of this model can be more comfortable. It has more layers of memory foam so it will be softer and plusher. 

Zinus iCoil mattress 10 inch

If you’re looking for serious support, the iCoil mattress is what fits you. This mattress is equipped with individually wrapped coils for optimum support. So even if you move a lot during your sleep, you’d still get consistent support for your back.

These individual coils act as pressure relief pockets so you will wake up feeling refreshed with no sore back. It has a nice bounce to it, really firm actually. But at the same time, you can still feel the cushioned layers underneath. It’s definitely firmer than the green tea memory foam mattresses of the brand. 

It also has better motion isolation compared to the Zinus green tea mattress and the gel memory foam mattress. So it’s suitable for bed if your partner keeps moving in sleep.

Who will love this 

Those who want a really firm mattress will love this. It offers serious support and a rather firm one for your body. And since it has individual coils, it will bring more breathability. So even sweaty sleepers can have a comfortable sleep. 

The iCoil model is also suitable for heavy sleepers. It can provide them with the additional support that they need.

Who will not love this 

Side sleepers should look for something plusher. As this mattress is an extra firm one, this will be uncomfortable and too tough on the shoulders and hips.


The Ultra Plush mattress from Zinus is a great alternative for side sleepers. It has a nice sinking feeling that you need. 

For heavy sleepers, they will also find the Winkbed Plus and TItan mattress supportive, Both mattresses also offer firm support but they’ll be less firm than the iCoil Zinus. 

Zinus Ultima memory foam12 inch

You will sink in immediately once you lay on it. But the mattress can quickly retain its shape once you get out of the bed. It also has a nice bounce to it. So if your kids love to jump on beds, this mattress will indulge them. 

The Ultima is a bit on the softer side. But surprisingly, if you favor a medium-firm mattress, you’ll still find it rather comfortable. Also, the Ultima is equipped with a green tea memory foam layer. This layer also has moisture-absorbing charcoal. So this can prevent your mattress from getting smelly, especially if you are a hot sleeper. 

This mattress also feels somehow comforting. You’d feel like it’s cuddling you as you sleep. But if you tend to be a hot sleeper, you might feel less cool compared to the Green Tea mattresses of the brand. 

Who will love this

If you’re looking for a support that’s somewhere between too soft and too firm, the Ultima is a great choice. That’s why it can also be suitable for all types of sleepers. Unless you want an ultra-plush or an ultra-firm one, then this is not for you. 

Who won’t love this

You can also sit on the edge of the bed. It will sink a bit but it’s not that hard to get out of bed. But over time it tends to get softer. So edge retention isn’t the best. So this is one thing to consider if you want to buy it. 


The Ultima and  the Green Tea mattress of the brand feels very similar in terms of comfort, except for one thing. The Green Tea series is cooler. So it’s a better option if you are a hot sleeper. 


Zinus offers a decent sleeping solution. It’s one of the mattress brands that make use of quality materials but does not come with a very steep price. And you also get to enjoy the 10-year warranty the brand offers. 

But there’s one thing to consider. Though this brand can be really comfortable, they are not made with higher density foam. Thus, when compared to premium more pricey mattresses, Zinus can lose its shape faster. 

And take note that like other memory foam mattresses, Zinus can have an off gassing smell when you unbox it. This is also due to the fire retardants added to the cover. So make sure to let it breathe out for a day or so.