Hi, I am Mustafiz; I have a keen interest on mattress, and love to solve sleeping problem of people around me. I have been doing these things last couple of years. The journey of Mattressly begins after getting a lot of suggestion from one of my friends, who is depending on my suggestions last couple of years!

Why Do You Need Quality Mattress? [Mattressly.com Mission!]

This story a long… I got several dozens of friends caught with serious backpain issues for a long time…

Most of the backpain problems came from their sleeping on low quality mattress or don’t know about what mattress will be suitable for them. That’s why I took the decision of researching on some mattresses to remove the problems of backpain of them, and providing the best solutions on how to choose the suitable mattress for side sleepers to get more comfortable and recover from their backpain.

I have been researching on the mattress for side sleepers to remove their backpain for last 8 years and got a lot of magical info from my analysis, which will be so much helpful for my friends and also for those people who want to get the cure from this kind of problem.

There are a lot of friends has been cured from this kind of problems from the suggestions which I have provided them from my analysis.

All my information and research are being uploaded to Mattressly.com, one by one. If you have any query or need my suggestion about Mattress, please don’t hesitate to let me know, I respond to every single email I receive!

Thanks for stopping by at my About page, see you!


Mustafiz, Founder